​​"If it's sweet and I like it, I sell it!"​

Lolli Bop Sweet Shop is a fun and cheerful one-stop sweet shop to suit your sweet cravings.  Located in the Streetside at Vinings Plaza, the 1200 sq ft shop is a literal Candyland with every wall filled with sugary sweet candy themed decor and delectable eats. Lolli Bop offers a huge variety of all things sweet including cookies, shortcakes, frozen treats like ice cream sandwiches and milk shakes and every candy imaginable! The signature shortcakes and cookies can be enjoyed by the ones or the dozens, all with catchy names and decadent descriptions, such as the "Atomic Stack", layers of Chocolate and Vanilla cake with banana cream and strawberry buttercream. What's a shortcake? It's a layered and stacked version of a cupcake only better! The wall of candy is one that you have to see to believe. It includes the old school candy that owner, Jennifer Grayer grew up eating and favorites she still eats...everyday! Lolli Bop is the official home of the gummi bear because every flavor lives right here.  

I have dreamed of owning a bakery for so long and it's finally my time! When I thought about what goodies to outfit my shop with, I had to expand the scope to include candy and ice cream to go along with the baked goods.  My goal was to create a shop unique to Atlanta that people love to walk into so I put a lot of detail into the look and feel of the shop. I love to see jaws drop when my customers enter the shop and to see the kids get instantly thrilled at all the sweet possibilities. I'm looking forward to sharing my sweet dream with all of Atlanta!  

Sweet regards,
Jennifer Grayer
Jennifer Grayer, Owner